Street Trash
Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key might be the coolest name but I can't think of a more apt name for any film than this.  It is absolute trash.  Good thing I love trash.

Now homelessness is a huge issue and I think you should judge a society on how they treat their lowest and if you were to believe that and saw this film you'd be thinking "wtf is up with America? it's just full of crazy hobos!" Seriously they have a little hobo society with a hobo hierarchy and hobo garbage dump palaces like a hobo Game of Thrones.  It's ridiculous.

The movie starts pretty strong with absolutely amazing sfx.  We get one of the coolest melting hobo scenes ever put to film.  It's disgusting and sleazy and must be seen.

Then unfortunately the film kinda meanders for a bit.  It's pretty low quality and there isn't really much of a plot.  But 2 big things happen.
1. A hobo gets his dick cut off and all the other hobos play football with it inside a salvage yard.  And good for this movie, you never see genital mutilations in other genre's like rom coms or court room dramas. +1 for horror.

2. (Trigger warning, like huge fucking trigger warning) There's a hobo gang rape.  These dirty filthy hobos descend on this poor women like a wild pack of dogs. I breathed a sigh of relief that they actually don't show anything beside them dragging her away but even the implication was pretty rough. It's a trashy sleazy film but even this kinda stands out as extra cruel.
Oh I guess there's also a weird mafia subplot that gets introduced halfway through the film but whatev.

After the penis football and hobo assault we finally get back to the good part and that's melting hobos. And boy oh boy do they melt. They melt, they bubble, they drip, they explode.  The third act is an absolutely amazing string of sfx highlights that makes it worth sitting through it's slow middle.

Oh and there's also necrophilia in this movie.

Seriously it's Troma level quality with a ton of sleaze, zero plot, but awesome sfx.  You know if you're the type of person who wants to watch it.

Available on Shudder also as part of Joe Bob Briggs The Last Drive-in.
Oleh Ginanjar

1/01/2020 12:58:00 PM

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